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ANZ Bank believes brand drives its business.

Many companies believe that their logo is their brand. In fact the logo is just a small representative part of any brand. A brand encompasses many things – its the organisation’s products and services, its the way the business interfaces with its markets, its how it promotes itself and its products, who it employs, and most importantly why it does what it does! It is this ‘Why’ that is fundamental to the business, since people will buy a product or service that they can identify with, and actually believe in!

It is refreshing to note that late last year one of Australia’s largest companies – the ANZ Bank – aptly displayed to all its shareholders that its brand is a significant component of its overall business when it reported on its recent 2012 Annual General Meeting. See the first page of the Bank’s communications below:

ANZ’s key communication to its shareholders heralded it’s brand as one of its most important assets.

Does your company truly know why it exists, and more importantly do your customers or shareholders?