A Specialist Branding and Communications Consultancy

Who are your customers?

What insights can your team reveal?

Is your brand alive and well?

Discovering your brand DNA, what your customers think about you and how to position your brand against your competitors is fundamental to brand development. TPM helps you uncover fundamental truths about your brand, its health and your market.

We offer expertise in a wide range of proven research methodologies tailor-made for your product or service and market. Based upon your initial brief, we determine a brand research programme to gauge the brand image held by your customers, employees, shareholders or other key stakeholders. Research may include:

  • Internal company workshops – exploring corporate values, visions, perceptions and attitudes
  • Consumer surveys and focus groups – understanding demographics, overall buying patterns, perceptions and emotional drivers
  • Competitor analysis – investigating market share, brand position, threats and opportunities
  • Brand audits – discovering the health of your brand and what areas need mending

Gaining an objective third party view of your brand is vital to brand success. TPM uses leading edge research techniques to uncover the real motivations behind your market’s opinions and attitudes. For example our Visual Profiling™ focus group technique really sheds light on important brand fundamentals.

Our Brand Audits also provide critical third party appraisals that deliver a realistic brand position as the basis for any required brand development.

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