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For successful brands research consistently plays a vital role in developing ongoing brand strategy. Leading brands constantly use market research as the barometer for their brand image, for refining product development and market testing. Objective and impartial feedback from customers, competitors and your industry assists in developing strong brand and marketing strategies.

TPM tailor-makes a consumer research programme based on the following:

  • Clear and concise research objectives to assist in your brand development
  • Selection of the best type of research – surveys, interviews and/or focus groups – to fully understand your consumers’ purchasing decisions through the measurement of behaviours, attitudes, perceptions and trends
  • Appropriate audience selection and sample sizes to gain objective and relevant feedback
  • Well-crafted structure and question formulation to ensure unbiased answers – the skill is in knowing what to ask!
  • Timely and efficient data collection and analysis to produce research reports that offer practical application

To achieve optimum results TPM adopts the latest and most cost effective research tools. While online surveys and social media are easy and efficient, we believe these should not replace more effective face-to face interaction if possible. Today, in-field research proves more useful than remote techniques to observe and understand actual consumer behaviour. TPM also uses Visual Profiling™, a very successful focus group technique that seeks out the motivations behind participants’ conversation.

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