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Uncover your brand DNA . . .

. . . via a stimulating one day brand 'think tank'.

Find out what your team really thinks!

Internal company brand attitudes and perceptions are usually very different from those held by customers, suppliers and other external stakeholders. The views inside and out are highly relevant for mapping and auditing your brand. Management perceptions are always vital in setting brand development and business planning parameters.

Your team’s dynamics lead conversations in meaningful ways where the combined experiences of participants produces insightful values, perceptions and opinions, and thus a more holistic view of the brand for both internal and external markets. TPM tailors a lively stimulating one-day ‘think tank’ to explore, identify and design some of the key components of your brand and business planning.

Naturally, the starting point for this all-important process is you:

  • TPM’s strategic consulting team work with your senior executives to formulate an exciting and inspiring long-term vision for your company
  • Utilising best practice strategic planning tools we help define your market, your competition and the opportunities and threats surrounding your business
  • TPM uses a selection of brand constructs and other research techniques – Identity Passports, Brand Pyramids and Visual Profiling™ – to help distil the essence of your brand. We identify the characteristics of your business that will make you unique and preferred in your field
  • We examine disruptive technologies and marketing to re-define product and brand categories – disruptive innovation helps create a new market or network or improve a product or service in ways the market does not expect

We work with you to research your business and prepare the workshop. TPM will then facilitate the workshop and follow through with the production of an insightful Brand or Business Development Report.

This style of workshop may act as a stand-alone business development tool or as part of an overall brand development process.

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