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Whether you are a new brand or a brand needing resuscitation, a healthy brand is critical to business success. TPM not only helps companies develop new brands, we assist in reviving existing brands that have become lost in the maze of evolving markets and organisational change.

The TPM brand workshop delivers an objective and stimulating one-day tailored programme where we work with you and your team to explore, evaluate and define your brand and to provide a communications blueprint for your business.

During the workshop, we undertake a brand facilitation methodology entitled “Identity Passport” which addresses the following areas and questions:

 – What do you believe in in this world- Ideology?
, MISSION & BRAND PROMISE – How do you view the world?
  • UNIQUE COMPANY POWER – What do you want to be for your customers?
  • CORE VALUES/VALUE ORIENTATION – What are you best at?
  • AMBITIONS – When do you fulfil your brand promise?

With the day’s agenda determined by your objectives and needs, your workshop can determine all or some of the following:

  • Your core competencies, goals, objectives, strategies and alignments
  • Your competitive set: who constitutes your competition for the key consumer and industry drivers of time, money and user benefit. Note that your competitive opportunity or threat may not be in the same product category or area.
  • Your brand pyramid or brand identity passport: structuring how your consumers and/or employees experience your brand, and thus identifying your brand essence or true meaning
  • Your brand idea, including symbolism, positioning, archetypes, visual identification devices and language to construct a believable brand personality
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TPM Brand Workshop Packages start from: AUD$7,500.

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