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When seeking to draw out the best from your team, TPM can help!

Conducting a one-day brand SWOT or mapping Internal company attitudes and perceptions, by tapping into the wealth of knowledge within your management team and senior people, is an essential corporate tool. However for many reasons, it can often be surprisingly challenging to find out what they really think.

Managing internal team dynamics and gaining effective participation to reveal what your people believe and know requires objective, skilled facilitators. Using a unique set of facilitation tools, TPM facilitators lead stimulating, lively conversations in objective and meaningful ways – drawing on the combined experience of participants to uncover insightful values, perceptions and truths.

TPM facilitators will:

  • Break down barriers so your people feel comfortable speaking truthfully – everyone is equal on the day
  • Encourage and lead lively and constructive participation to draw out the knowledge and experience within – from all participants
  • Objectively and skillfully challenge beliefs and perceptions
  • Adopt a relaxed, impartial style and encourage people to enjoy their participation
  • Work to the agenda timetable and lead the team to stay on track
  • Keep notes and provide reports and/or recommend brand development and future planning, depending upon your business requirements

A one-day TPM workshop facilitation package starts from just AU$1,800.


TPM Tailors the following workshops for business:

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