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Your brand is like no other!

What sets you apart?

Successful branding is based upon the concept of singularity

Your product or service is like no other – it is this concept that sets you apart from your competitors and should form the basis of brand development.

The strength of your brand is the image it possesses within the marketplace. When you know your brand then you know how to motivate people to buy it. We work with you and your team to define your brand identity, researching both internal and external markets to understand your current brand image and emotive drivers for purchase.

Our brand strategy development includes:

  • Analysing your markets and products vis a vis your competitors
  • Researching your brand based upon internal and external stakeholder experiences
  • Using brand constructs, such as Identity Passports and Brand Pyramids, as structured methods of identifying the physical, emotional and psychological benefits of your products and services, your core values and brand promise
  • Working with you and your team in conducting Innovation Workshops to examine disruptive technologies and marketing so as to re-define product and brand categories
  • Examining your brand architecture, to ensure that your brand(s) fit comfortably within the context of your markets and with any of your other brands
  • Defining your Brand Personality, through design and language, so as to instil a more human face to your brand and ensure brand singularity

Whether you are a new brand or a brand that needs resuscitation, a healthy brand is critical to business success. TPM not only helps companies develop new brands, we assist in reviving existing brands that have become lost in the maze of evolving markets and organisational change. Our TPM Brand Audits and Reports give you a critical third party assessment – unlike an ad agency with a vested interest in retaining your account. Our TPM Brand Books provide the blueprint for all your communications.

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