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Discovering the ‘Why’ of your existence

Brand creation is not only based upon empirical research but involves innovative insights and creativity. Developing a brand that sets you apart from all others is TPM’s strength. It is the elusive ‘Why’ of your existence as a business, product or service that will distinguish you and motivate your markets.

Our initial work is in partnership with you:

  • Facilitating internal brand workshops to understand your motivations – your mission, vision and ambition plus the brand promise you wish to deliver
  • Recommending and tailor-making external research programmes to understand your market trends – targets include potential customers, competitors and other key stakeholders
  • Conducting workshops, focus groups and consumer studies to map the salient features of your brand – your core values, user values, plus the physical, psychological and emotional benefits of your products and services – what motivates your audience to buy
  • Using archetypal principals we sculpt a strong, distinctive brand personality for your business, products and services that best reflects who you really are, that sets you apart from your competitors and dictates the look and feel of your brand
  • To complete your brand creation we design your logos, write taglines and produce a concise, insightful, practical Brand Book that not only highlights your brand’s personality but details all salient brand features – brand architecture, colour palate, typography and copy style – to ensure effective brand roll-out and maintain consistency and integrity of brand

Our objective is to create a living entity that breathes life into your business. Ultimately your new brand will give you the competitive edge.

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