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Successful brands adapt to change . . .

. . . by exploring new horizons . . .

. . . while retaining core identity

How healthy and relevant is your brand?

Survival is about adapting constantly to market and organisational changes. Successful brands see brand evolution as a natural event. Evolving brands successfully requires maintaining market relevance without destroying your brand integrity. The essential core values of your brand should remain constant over time whilst keeping pace within a dynamic changing environment.

This is why TPM performs brand audits – so that our clients understand the current health of their brands. A TPM Brand Audit will include some of the following:

  • Competitive set analysis – what threats and opportunities do your competitors offer?
  • Consumer and stakeholder research – what attitudes and perceptions have shifted to move your brand?
  • Internal organisational goals and objectives – how has your company changed to alter brand promise and delivery?
  • Product line extension or contraction – what impact will adding or subtracting new products have on your brand?
  • Product and market innovation – what new disruptive technologies have changed the game?

All major brands undertake periodic brand audit programmes to ensure successful evolution. Global brands do it 365 days per year! TPM tailor-makes either one-off or on-going brand audit programmes for clients serious about optimum brand health and ongoing business success.

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