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Successful brands direct all business activity . . .

. . . is your team in tune?

Are you living your brand?

For successful companies their brand is not simply the emblem for their products and services, but sets the parameters on how and what they do and communicate daily.

Rather than merely mirroring activity, healthy brands become the directors of activity and behaviour e.g. what new products and services you offer, how you deliver these, the standards and ethics you maintain, who you employ, which suppliers you use, what affiliations you make and so on. To achieve this brand champions must be identified or created across all key touch points of the business so that a defined values system is both adhered to and fully integrated within your company culture.

TPM helps companies integrate their brands as follows:

  • Developing and implementing internal brand workshops – induction and on-ongoing education programmes
  • In conjunction with owners and management, devising brand rules which preserve brand integrity by maintaining consistency in all communications, operations and team actions
  • Working with your marketers and designers to produce a Brand Book as a ‘blueprint’ for all communications
  • Advising on effective brand management tools and platforms so that effective do-it-yourself brand maintenance becomes the norm

Living your brand ensures a consistent message over time that drives your business, reinforces top of mind awareness and ultimately increases sales.

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