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To brand effectively requires more than framing and instigation of a set of corporate identity guidelines and then rigidly or – more accurately – blindly following them. To put it mildly, it’s an expensive exercise to start with and prohibitive if you don’t get it right.

A prescribed look is one thing – but if the communications and implementation teams don’t have a good grasp and dedication to brand sense, the significance of any messaging may be zero.

Branding design needs more than art direction guidelines

Poor brand implementation isn’t neutral in effect – it can be highly detrimental to the promotion of your products or services.

If your design and art direction is less than perfect, your brand is masked, creating uncertainty and underpinning confusion. At best, misdirected art direction in branding provides a foggy picture of who or what you are. It is highly damaging to any marketing activity because it complicates your audience’s perceptions and disguises the brand’s true identity and values.

TPM Branding has a range of strategies that are designed to ensure you get maximum value from your design and art direction budget.

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