A Specialist Branding and Communications Consultancy
Morning programme

The Art of Branding: A presentation on general branding including: What is a brand and how valuable an asset it can be for an organisation. This should prime your team for the day’s activity.

Philosophy: What do you believe in? Why does the organisation exist? What are its goals towards all stakeholders and what is its level of social engagement and commitment.

Vision: The vision follows from the philosophy. The current and future visions provide a clear direction to be integrated within the company and its internal and external communication. How do you as a company look at the world, people and organisations? What do you add to the world now and what do you want to add/improve?

Unique Power: What are you best at? 
What are you as a company best at even if you are not the best in the market place. What do you need to focus on and let go of?

Afternoon programme

Mission & brand promise: The mission is the task that follows from the vision; what do you need to do to achieve the vision you have created? What do you want to be for your customers?

The brand promise: What does the brand do for the customer? Here the brand pyramid with product/service attributes, benefits and customer values, is created and the unique power is integrated. The top part of the pyramid (core values) will be defined in the next step and added later.

Core values and value orientation: How do you want to work, how do you implement these values? Here the unique combination of core values is determined.

Ambitions: When do you fulfil your brand promise?Here all the elements come together to state short and long-term ambitions.

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