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External appearances can deceive

Visual Profiling™ unearths the truth within

The Visual Profiling™ Research Technique

TPM employs a unique research method known as Visual Profiling™ to discover peoples’ perceptions and attitudes through the use of photo and picture selection rather than the usual approach of just verbal communication.

The success of Visual Profiling™ in determining both the conscious and unconscious purchase-drivers as well as desired brand personality for any product is unsurpassed. People’s capacity to express themselves clearly and honestly through visuals is far greater than through written or spoken words. The latter is too coloured by social norms and personal filters. Visual Profiling™ is thus ideal for cross-cultural groups.

This technique literally sees participants answer specific questions by choosing from thousands of widely collected pictures. This triggers honest expression of their ideas, perceptions and feelings, which are then interpreted into meaningful brand and sales concepts.

Visual Profiling™ is highly valuable in determining current consumer perceptions, as well as future avenues for product development and vision planning. Our researcher Simone Buijzen is a global specialist in this specific technique.

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